Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chimp off the old block

While distractedly watching last Sunday's primetime event "The Last Templar"--here's our impression:

Old Guy: The precious manuscript!
Knight: Where hast thou put the sacred decoder ring, varlet?
Mira Sorvino: (in dress, riding horse) Clop, clop, clop!

--got us thinking about NBC's other feat of programming legerdemain: the reboot of Knight Rider (on Saturday nights, we think). Now, why on Zod's green earth would some network honcho de-mothball an old show without taking the obvious and necessary step of adding a primate? You know, just to shake things up. Consider think about the possibilities:

Monkey Brewster
If the show's a non-starter, it could be retooled midseason as a sitcom about an enterprising chimp who makes his own beer. Win-win!

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