Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Studio 60 on the Sunset Chimp

Once again, apologies for the lag; we have been holed up in the NBCMS laboratory, working out the fractions involved with "2 1/2 Men." After much interdepartmental squabble, we have ruled in the interest of equality (and our overworked sliderules), setting each protagonist's male quotient at slightly over .8, with the minority report wishing it stated that this seems slightly unfair to Jon Cryer.
Also in old business from last post, it should be noted here that there exists a distinct possibility that the reclusive Sexton Fogg is in fact an ape.
This newest pitch also revolves around the fraught human/monkey relationship amidst high-pressure circumstances:

The Monkey's Uncle
When little-known actor (Breckin Meyer) is brought in as the replacement host of an immensely popular children's television show (Uncle Chuckle's Teatime Treehouse), he thinks he's got it made. Little does he know that his main duty will be dealing with the real star of the show--an egomaniacal, pill-addicted, violently unhappy chimp, G.L. Fudge. Will the rookie Chuckle learn how to play "second banana," while keeping his unpredictable co-host happy and in line? Everyone's got a lot to learn in this rousing behind-the-scenes comedy-drama.

Tagline: Family is more than skin deep.

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