Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Ape

Yes, it's been entirely too long since our last pitch. What can we say: we here at NBCMS have just as much trouble tearing ourselves away from the Peacock Network's dizzying array of Howie Mandel projects, weight-loss extravaganzas and baffling historical epics as you do. (What on earth will the upcoming "Kings" entail?) And so, since we all have programs to watch, we'll cut right to the pitch:

In a disturbing near-future, America's uneasy coalition of corporate overlords and shady political cabals must rely on an elite, covert squad of simian agents to defend the besieged homeland from its manifold foes. When a rookie human handler (Lukas Haas) is ushered into the squad's byzantine world of espionage, assassinations, double-crosses and coups, he must learn to manage his unpredictable agents, while figuring out where his own (and their) allegiances lie. Also starring Will Arnett as the voice of the group's reclusive, enigmatic founder, Sexton Fogg.

Tagline: Welcome to the jungle.

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